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A sewing machine is intended for both professionals and simple lovers of sewing. Nevertheless, it should be known that in all cases, this device can not be acquired by trial and error. You should learn about its features before making a choice if you do not want to make an investment that you may regret quickly. Gather information about his points, his features and his claws. In case you do not have enough time to read through our buying guide and the ranking of some products, we will tell you about the two models that we recommend. Brother FS 40 offers 40 stitches. It adapts to all types of tissues and is accompanied by 7 claws. Initial Singeroffers 18 adjustable points. Its power is equivalent to 85 watts, it comes with a metal can holder and it has 6 claws.



How to choose a good sewing machine?


Finding the best sewing machine is not an easy task. Indeed, this tool is offered under many models on the market. Follow our buying guide to know the 3 criteria that will determine your purchase: points, features and claws. Here are 2 reference marks to help you choose the right model: Brother and Singer . Also Read this: BROTHER HC1850 Review

Best Sewing Machine Buyer's Guide - 2017


Purchase guide


The points of the machine

The number of points is the first feature to consider on every model of sewing machine that is offered to you. It is indeed a key criterion that will allow you to know more quickly how to choose the sewing machine best suited to your needs and your level of expertise. For the most experienced designers, focus more on models with the highest number of points (you will recognize them with their different points features: you have the right points, straight stretch, zigzag, over-the-top, overclok, elastic, invisible hem, quilt etc.).

The most sophisticated models offer up to 40 or even 64 functional and decorative points. These models offer the advantage of allowing you to work without difficulty all kinds of textiles while developing your sense of creativity and enjoying greater possibilities of sewing style. This is for example the case of cotton, silk, jersey, jeans, but also synthetic fabrics …

They facilitate the making of decorative textiles (cushions, curtains, table linen …) and alterations of clothing (embroidery, pliers, hems etc.). Beginners can, however, learn with sewing machines with fewer points to not confuse them.

Our recommendation:


Brother FS 40


Those who are looking for a state-of-the-art computerized sewing machine can turn to the versatile and efficient Brother FS 40. With its 40 stitches, it allows to make without worry all the fabrics (elastic, thick or fine).

To develop your dressmaking skills, she offers several other embroidery and decoration stitches, as well as 5 buttonhole stitches including 1 automatic.

This machine is considered the best of 2017, because of its performance with its 7 claws training for easy and regular advancement of the fabric.

In addition, it allows automatic adjustment of the thread tension and points in length up to 5mm and in width up to 7mm. For maximum user comfort, it features a large backlit LCD screen, a positioning needle and LED lighting.

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